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Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, things are definitely starting to look better for us here in our little home.  It looks like that ridiculous cold snap is over for a bit, or for least the duration of our stay, and we’ve been able to have water every day since we moved to our new campsite.  It’s a relief to not have to get all bundled up, scrape off the windshield, get the dogs all ready to go, and jump in the car to take a shower!  Slowly but surely we are getting used to our new life and we just might be over our initial panic that we dealt with after the first couple of weeks.  We haven’t been wandering much yet, so Jason spends his days plotting our next trip, working on the website, and working, and I’ve been working on some fiber preps, spinning yarn, and other little creations that will soon be in our shop.  I was hoping to have it up and running by now, but I’m not moving as quickly as I’d hoped.

We survived our first Thanksgiving and the turkey was even edible!  We’ve cooked turkeys before but not very many and even though each have turned out just fine, I still get a little worried that we’re going to end up with a turkey that resembles the one  on the Griswold’s dinner table in Christmas Vacation (or caught on fire like the one we saw in Jennifer’s kitchen on Facebook 🙂 )  I really wanted to have it here in RV until we realized that our oven wasn’t quite big enough for even the smallest bird to cook properly, and not to mention the amount of propane we would use cooking the thing for 4 hours would be ridiculous!  We thought about getting a roaster, but those things are huge and what would we do with it when we were done?  So it was much easier to just do it at Brooke’s place.  We had a nice casual dinner with just the family and spent the rest of the night lounging around watching “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix.  To me, some of the best days are just hanging around with people you love doing absolutely nothing, laughing at dumb stuff only we think is funny, and just being together.

Photo Nov 27, 6 56 42 PM

Yesterday we had temps in the lower 70’s so we decided to stay as far away as possible from the malls and big box stores and took the dogs and the girls and hiked around Lory State Park.  It was a beautiful day for a nice long walk after stuffing our faces from the day before.  We both had small heart attacks when Brooke and Sadie decided to climb up part of the mountain.  Brooke assured me it was safe, but my idea of safe isn’t climbing around a jagged rock 20 feel off the ground!


Sadie is planning on staying with us a little longer than originally planned so she’s leaving in about a week.  It’s been really good having her here.  We only hope that next holiday season Ben and his family will be able to join us, wherever we are!

We got some really exciting news yesterday! We got an offer on the house on Thanksgiving day, which was way too low as they usually are.  We sent back a counter offer but we weren’t confident that they would be willing to come close to that.  Well, we heard yesterday that they are going to accept it!  So we just need to sign a few things and it looks like we have a deal…again!  So we could really use some positive vibes sent our way so the sale goes all the way to completion and we can be done with this house!  We have to give a shout out to Lisa who went in and did some final cleaning for us, and my dad who stopped by and shoveled the walks for us.  The people that looked at the house that day are the ones that are buying it!

We’re going to spend a few more days here and then Sadie will be heading back to Ames, and we will begin traveling south to a place where we won’t have to worry about freezing lines.  We’ll then head back here to spend Christmas with our kids, then head even further south.  We’re currently in the process of looking around and mapping our trip so we aren’t 100% sure where we are going yet.  All we know is that its going to be warmer!



Happy Thanksgiving

We would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. We hope you all have a wonderful day. We will miss our friends and family back home. This will be our first Thanksgiving away from home. We are thankful that we will be spending the day with all of our kids but one (miss you Ben) at our oldest daughters place in Fort Collins, CO. We will be having a late dinner because a few of the kids have to work. This will give us a little more time to get dinner ready. The weather out here is suppose to be beautiful, temps in the lower 60’s with lots of sunshine.

New Technology Q&A Page

Those of you who know me, know I have been called the IT guy for a long time. For those of you who don’t, I have spent the last 15+ yrs setting up, repairing or managing information technology systems. We have just set up a new Technology Q&A page to help those of you who have technology questions or problems and need some help. I can also always be reached through our contact page. Although donations are not required they would be greatly appreciated. You will see a donate button on the bottom of both the Q&A and the Q&A Ask pages. There will also be a donate button on the bottom right hand side of all the other pages.

Just a quick update

We have finally thawed out:) We now have flowing water once again and was able to get  the tanks drained. Not only is that good news but there doesn’t seem to be any damage to anything due to the pipes freezing. The weather forecast is looking good with temperatures in the lower to mid 40’s for at least the next 8 days. We are planning on moving south after the Thanksgiving feast with the kids.

Status on our truck: We found an auto repair shop in Fort Collins that would charge us for labor only and we could purchase new part. So we purchased the new wheel hub assembly from NAPA and dropped the truck off yesterday and it should be done today. After reading all the forums and even talking to the repair shop we decide it would be better to replace the whole hub assembly rather than just the abs sensor itself. With the price of the new part and the cost of the labor from Campus Repair, it is over 100% cheaper than having the GMC dealer do the work. A 100%! That just seems crazy to me that the dealer is that much higher. So total cost for part and labor should be somewhere around $315.

Tomorrow we are going to be leaving Boyd Lake State Park and moving to Horsetooth Reservoir Campgrounds. We will stay there until we head south for the rest of the cold months.

What the heck are we doing here??

Those who know us well, know that we are not winter people.  All winter long we whine and complain about how much we dislike the snow, ice, and freezing cold temperatures and then vow that each winter will be our last.  Then we plan some way to get to a sunny spot to shorten the amount of time we have to suffer through the cold and darkness.  So it would seem sort of backwards for our first stop to be a place known for skiing, snowboarding, and all those other “fun” winter sports wouldn’t it?

Well, before we picked this spot we did our research as we do. We checked the average temperatures for November and December, which according to is in the 4o’s and 50’s.  One day last summer, Jason spent a decent amount of time putting together a spreadsheet of Iowa weather in comparison to Loveland, CO for me and it was significantly warmer each month (he was trying to help me make an informed decision since he knew how this cold weather makes me crazy) This area is also supposed to have 350 days of sun each year too which is just what I need to maintain my sanity. Who would have guessed that the time we decided to come spend some time here, they would see the coldest temperatures they’ve seen since the 1800’s??  This seems to be a growing trend with us.  When we were in Florida on our bike trip, the locals told us they haven’t seen that much rain in years and years, and now here we are sitting in our camper with cold weather that hasn’t been here since wooly mammoths walked the earth!

We knew that November and December were going to be tricky and there would be some cold nights but -11 windchill was nowhere close to the temps we thought we would be dealing with.  We learned that we can put heat on the waterlines all day long but at these temps, all we’re doing is using up propane faster than we care to and our waterlines?  Well, they’re still popsicles! We had a small tiny bit of thawing yesterday and got about 6 drops of water out of our faucets and got all excited, but after the temperature dropped again today we lost that tiny bit of progress from yesterday.  We woke up this morning trying to figure out why our noses and ears were on the verge of frostbite until we realized we ran out of propane.  Again.  But this time it was in the middle of the night.  So when we took the truck in to get the brakes looked at, we ended up needing to make another stop at JAX to get our propane tanks filled.  Sounds like the infra red heaters that my old friend Katy suggested might be on the shopping list soon.  At this rate, we’ll be paying over $300 a month in propane.   We’re not having trouble keeping warm in the RV really, well once we put on our 2 pairs of socks, long johns, pants, 3 shirts, sweatshirts, scarf and hat.  Its fun to get all bundled up and watch movies isn’t it?

One thing I can say is that its given me a little time to work with my fiber.  With all the planning and getting ready the last couple months I had to put it on the back burner so it was nice to spend some time prepping some fiber and getting a little spinning done.  Here’s a little of what I worked on over the last couple days.  If the temperature stays like it is, I should be out of raw fiber in no time.

Photo Nov 15, 2 44 28 PM   Photo Nov 14, 10 11 51 AM   Photo Nov 14, 1 48 39 PM

Luckily it’s supposed to be a balmy 40-ish during parts of next week so we’re hoping we can get a little thawed out.  We’ve gotten used to working with no water in the kitchen but it sure would be nice to get cleaned up without trudging through the snow and getting in the car to get to the shower.  Needless to say the last few days have been a little frustrating. When we were planning all of this, everything just fell into place.  We felt like we were doing what we were supposed to be doing.  Lately we wonder if these are all signs that we’re not quite where we are supposed to be at all.  We’ve definitely had a weird stroke of bad luck.  The good thing is even though we’re stuck in this tiny little space all day long like a couple of sardines (hoping we don’t freak out like that dude in The Shining who wasn’t very far from us) we still really like each other .  All I can say is that I sort of wish we were whining about the rain in Florida again. I know things don’t always go as planned, but man, we could really use a few of those average 40-50 degree Colorado days about now.


GMC ABS sensor

Took our truck in to the GMC dealer today to have the brakes checked out. I had noticed that when applying the brakes at speeds between 5-10mph I could feel the ABS kick on. After combing the internet I had found that there is an ABS sensor in the wheel hub which is also call the wheel speed sensor and I guess they are known for going bad. You can purchase just the sensor for around $50. Which I didn’t think seem to bad. The GMC dealer called and confirmed what I had thought but also informed me that the entire wheel hub assembly needed to replaced and they won’t replace just sensor itself. I have read forums about pros and cons of replacing just the sensor and replacing the entire hub assembly. The dealers quote was around $750 per side. This seems very high. Monday I will call around to see if I can get a few more quotes. Hoping for a better price. If anyone else has had this problem I would love to know what you did. Did you replace just the sensor or replace the entire wheel hub and what was the cost?

Blog Update & Changes

We are making some changes and upgrades to our site. First, we have set up a new Facebook page called so now when we post it will feed this new Facebook page rather than feeding our personal Facebook pages. So if you haven’t liked our page yet please do.   Here is the link to our Outwandering Facebook Page. Jenny just pointed out that to get the Facebook notifications you will need to click Get Notification under the like button (see featured image on blog). If you can’t find it let me know and I can walk you through setting it up.  Next, I have set up a new photo gallery page and I am currently working on setting up an YouTube  channel. Hopefully coming soon we will be setting up an online fiber shop for Jenny’s creations. Also remember we are now Amazon Associates so if you are ordering from Amazon, please go through our site or bookmark our Amazon Link. You will know when you are on our associates page because it will have the amazon associates link bar. Every order placed through our associates page we will receive a small percentage of the order for advertising Amazon on our blog. I would also like to thank everyone for their kind words and support since we have set out on our new journey.