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30 Minutes in Desert Hot Springs, CA


Raleigh Sojourn

We have taken a little break from our wandering as we had to get some things taken care of back in Iowa.  We’ve been a little busy with that and the holidays so haven’t had much time for updating the blog or much else for that matter so we’ll be trying to catch everything up over the next few days.

Prior to our arrival in Palm Springs our plan was to spend 4 nights in a city about 20 minutes away, Desert Hot Springs, CA.  There was a hotel there that was pretty reasonable and had 7 natural hot springs pools so we were looking forward to staying a few days in the same place so we could get some laundry done, travel around the area, and at the end of the day relax the hot springs on the property.  That was the plan anyway…

One of the downsides to traveling is not knowing weather you’re going to be in a safe neighborhood or not.  When we arrived at the hotel it was clearly a little older than we’d realized but it seemed clean enough and they took pets, which is always something we have to consider when choosing where to stay.  We got our room keys and went to the back to park and unload the car and take our stuff to our room.  We both kind of wondered if we were in a safe area, but it seemed okay (plus all of those hot springs were calling our names!)  As we were unloading, Jason mentioned that we should probably store the bikes inside this time.  We had them locked to the car carrier and these bikes literally have traveled the country with us, many times being locked to the car carrier.  They had spent the night locked to our carrier in Vegas the night before.

We got everything in the hotel, checked the room out a little, and took a little time getting settled in.  We had a good few hours of daylight and of course everyone knows that bad stuff only happens at night….right?  When Jason decided to go down and get the bikes roughly 30 minutes later, they were GONE!  Nothing else to do at this point besides be instantly furious. What people that don’t bike don’t get is what the bike means to the biker and how much of their time, energy, and money goes into these things. We didn’t either until we had been biking for a little while and then worked hard to earn and pick out these two bikes that we’d used to tour the coast of Florida just a few weeks before.  They aren’t toys, they were a means of transportation when I didn’t have a car available.  Biking helped us get healthier after I had my stroke and we had to quit smoking and actually get out a move our bodies.  The best part about it was that we loved doing it so it didn’t feel like exercise! It was one of our favorite things to do together.  We typically chose our vacation spots that were bike friendly as it gave us another view of the places we’ve visited over the years besides flying by in a car. We painstakingly researched which bikes we wanted for our trip, then we spent more time and money customizing and adding to them so they would be perfect just for us. It took us longer to select bikes than most of the cars we’ve owned!  If it was feasible, we biked everywhere unless the brutal Midwest winter reared its ugly head.  So to have someone just walk up with a pair of bolt cutters, cut them off our carrier and toss them into his ugly, old, green, Jeep Cherokee without a license plate on the front as if he was entitled to them, creates a level of frustration that I just can’t explain!  Theft is one of those things that I have a SUPER hard time dealing with.  Its the epitome of selfishness and entitlement that seems to be of the way of things these days.  I’m sure that man didn’t know that most of what we owned was either in, on, or on top of that car (and in a tiny storage shed somewhere in Colorado.)  I’m sure he didn’t know that Jason had just lost his job which could make replacing them very difficult.  I’m sure that even if he knew those things, he wouldn’t have cared and he would have taken them anyway!

We went to the front desk to see if they had a security camera and they did.  It was pointed right where our car was and of course it had to be broken.  We called the police so we could get a case number to give to our insurance company and of course the first words out of his mouth were “yeah, you don’t want to leave things out in this town.”  Wow.  Ya think? That would have been good information to know..yesterday.  He was actually very nice and took all of the information we had to offer, but we knew that police don’t run around looking for stolen bikes as if they were a matter of national security as there are many other things they need to do that are much more important.  We decided that once we were done talking with the police, we weren’t staying another minute in this town.  I do have to say that even though the hotel’s cancellation policy states that we would have to cancel a minimum of 72 hours before our stay, the front desk clerk at Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel was very decent and refunded every penny.  Right before the police arrived, the hotel manager gave Jason a piece of paper with the description of the person that took them along with the details of the car, which is how we knew it was an old Jeep Cherokee. I just threw in the “ugly” part. I’m sure the man was ugly too!  A woman was working in her yard and watched the entire thing and didn’t bother to mention it to anyone until the hotel manager started wandering around asking people if they saw anything.  Thanks a lot, Lady!  We gave that to the police and at first we thought in a town of 20,000 people there would be a chance that we would get them back and thought we might even get a phone call in the next couple days while we were in Palm Springs, but as time goes by we know that’s most likely not going to happen.  I keep looking at Palm Springs Craigslist to see if they are for sale anywhere but I know we aren’t getting them back.  From what we understand, this city has a huge theft problem.  Apparently, the unemployment rate is high so they just decided to create their own jobs.  Here’s the problem though:  As decent as the hotel was to us, we will never go back there.  I’m pretty sure that the other people who have had things stolen will never go back there either.  So now, they aren’t just stealing our bikes, or someone’s car, or wallets.  They are robbing their community of other revenue that is appears to be desperately needed as well. Pretty sure that doesn’t help create jobs, does it?

We felt a little optimistic when Jason called the insurance company (which incidentally was our homeowner’s insurance and not auto insurance as one might think.)  Halfway into the conversation I hear Jason explaining to the adjuster about how he uses his Iphone app to keep track of mileage and such, and how he hooks up his blue tooth speaker so we can listen to IHeartRadio while we bike.  Let’s just say it really helps when your insurance adjuster is a triathlete. Even thought we didn’t get quite enough to cover all of it, he was able to get us pretty close even with our huge deductible.  See?  He gets it!

We’re back in Iowa for a couple more days and we’ve made a couple trips to the bike shop trying to decide which bikes to get.  As much as we loved them, we’re having a hard time spending that much money again. The ugly man that stole them doesn’t quite understand what he took.  The other issue is that these bikes aren’t being made anymore and they were a little hard to get the first time.   I do have to give a big shout out to Ron at Skunk River Cycles though!  He spent a great deal of time in the store with us showing us various bikes, he spent hours on the internet pricing out different options if we wanted to try to build something like what we had, and he made phone calls all over trying to find a couple of the same bikes that we had stolen.  Luckily he has one at his warehouse now and he was able to locate one in Tennessee. This is another person that gets it!  Looks like we’ll be stopping off in Nashville on our way to Florida to get our 4th new bike for the year.


  1. Linda Squiers's Gravatar Linda Squiers
    January 4, 2015    

    You forgot to mention that you were able to have nice visits with your parents, which was very appreciated

  2. tawny's Gravatar tawny
    January 1, 2015    

    I didn’t know you had a stroke? When did that happen? It seems like you haven’t had the best of luck in your new life so far. I was excited to follow you on your adventures. I was hoping to hear about all your fun times and live vicariously through you a little bit , but instead I’ve been dissapointed for you over and over. I’m glad you are keeping a positive attitude. May 2015 find you in the best towns, hotels, and weather possible. I hope you have only good luck. You deserve some. I also hope we can meet up some day.

    • Jenny's Gravatar Jenny
      January 1, 2015    

      Hi Tawny!
      I had a very minor stroke about 3 1/2 years ago. It was during a super stressful time at work, I was smoking like a chimney and eating like a 12 year old boy. Its what made Jason and I stop smoking and start exercising as we soon realized we needed to start taking care of ourselves. In some ways I look at it as a blessing because I was very fortunate in that I didn’t suffer any long term damage aside from a little bit of peripheral vision loss on one side, and if it hadn’t have happened we would still be smoking and not taking very good care of ourselves. For me, it was also somewhat a motivator in why we wanted to do this because it taught me really quick that life is too dang short to wait to do what you want 🙂 So at the time it was scary as hell, but now I’m much healthier (we both are), feel much better and we’re out doing what we want! It’s all good! Little set backs here and there, but we’re still determined to travel so hopefully we’ll get out that way! I know 2015 is going to be much better!

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