Not all who wander are lost.

A house is a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff

Yesterday was another clearing house day but this time it was a trip to the Resource and Recovery Plant ( aka “the dump”)  With just two more days to work before we head to Florida we wanted to get as much taken care of as we could before the trip because once we return from that, we’ll have about 5 days to get everything out and cleaned up a bit for the new owners.  We also need to get Sadie’s things moved to her new place within that time frame as well so its becoming clear that we are running out of time very quickly! Ben had come for a visit the prior weekend and he drives a big pick up, and is a bit of a pack rat, so he loaded his truck up with more stuff and took most of it home with him.  We were happy to see that it would get some use but we still had plenty to deal with.  There were a few of those moments where we had a tough time just discarding something that we thought we had put so much effort in to looking for and picking out, but we’re finally starting to get over our weird attachment to our stuff.  It’s very liberating to know that we will no longer be able to wander through the stores mindlessly tossing things into the cart that we THINK we need, but will soon sit abandoned in a cupboard somewhere only to come across it later and wonder what the heck we bought that thing for in the first place??  We loaded up the truck and took a trip to throw our stuff over the wall along with the rest of the city’s neglected purchases and I felt a little guilty as we contributed to the monstrous amounts of waste getting tossed aside each day filling our landfills.  Knowing that we will no longer be able to do that quite as much was a little comforting at least.  We did throw a couple things on the curb that were gone by the end of the day so at least a few things were saved, and others will get some use out of it.  That huge old kitchen table had some great (and sometimes very STRANGE)  family discussions around it so hopefully the woman that rescued it from the curb will create some great memories around it as well.

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