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McFarland Park Bike Trail

We are starting to ride beginner single track mountain bike trails. Here is our first video.

Happy Thanksgiving

We would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. We hope you all have a wonderful day. We will miss our friends and family back home. This will be our first Thanksgiving away from home. We are thankful that we will be spending the day with all of our kids but one (miss you Ben) at our oldest daughters place in Fort Collins, CO. We will be having a late dinner because a few of the kids have to work. This will give us a little more time to get dinner ready. The weather out here is suppose to be beautiful, temps in the lower 60’s with lots of sunshine.

New Technology Q&A Page

Those of you who know me, know I have been called the IT guy for a long time. For those of you who don’t, I have spent the last 15+ yrs setting up, repairing or managing information technology systems. We have just set up a new Technology Q&A page to help those of you who have technology questions or problems and need some help. I can also always be reached through our contact page. Although donations are not required they would be greatly appreciated. You will see a donate button on the bottom of both the Q&A and the Q&A Ask pages. There will also be a donate button on the bottom right hand side of all the other pages.

Just a quick update

We have finally thawed out:) We now have flowing water once again and was able to get  the tanks drained. Not only is that good news but there doesn’t seem to be any damage to anything due to the pipes freezing. The weather forecast is looking good with temperatures in the lower to mid 40’s for at least the next 8 days. We are planning on moving south after the Thanksgiving feast with the kids.

Status on our truck: We found an auto repair shop in Fort Collins that would charge us for labor only and we could purchase new part. So we purchased the new wheel hub assembly from NAPA and dropped the truck off yesterday and it should be done today. After reading all the forums and even talking to the repair shop we decide it would be better to replace the whole hub assembly rather than just the abs sensor itself. With the price of the new part and the cost of the labor from Campus Repair, it is over 100% cheaper than having the GMC dealer do the work. A 100%! That just seems crazy to me that the dealer is that much higher. So total cost for part and labor should be somewhere around $315.

Tomorrow we are going to be leaving Boyd Lake State Park and moving to Horsetooth Reservoir Campgrounds. We will stay there until we head south for the rest of the cold months.

GMC ABS sensor

Took our truck in to the GMC dealer today to have the brakes checked out. I had noticed that when applying the brakes at speeds between 5-10mph I could feel the ABS kick on. After combing the internet I had found that there is an ABS sensor in the wheel hub which is also call the wheel speed sensor and I guess they are known for going bad. You can purchase just the sensor for around $50. Which I didn’t think seem to bad. The GMC dealer called and confirmed what I had thought but also informed me that the entire wheel hub assembly needed to replaced and they won’t replace just sensor itself. I have read forums about pros and cons of replacing just the sensor and replacing the entire hub assembly. The dealers quote was around $750 per side. This seems very high. Monday I will call around to see if I can get a few more quotes. Hoping for a better price. If anyone else has had this problem I would love to know what you did. Did you replace just the sensor or replace the entire wheel hub and what was the cost?

Blog Update & Changes

We are making some changes and upgrades to our site. First, we have set up a new Facebook page called so now when we post it will feed this new Facebook page rather than feeding our personal Facebook pages. So if you haven’t liked our page yet please do.   Here is the link to our Outwandering Facebook Page. Jenny just pointed out that to get the Facebook notifications you will need to click Get Notification under the like button (see featured image on blog). If you can’t find it let me know and I can walk you through setting it up.  Next, I have set up a new photo gallery page and I am currently working on setting up an YouTube  channel. Hopefully coming soon we will be setting up an online fiber shop for Jenny’s creations. Also remember we are now Amazon Associates so if you are ordering from Amazon, please go through our site or bookmark our Amazon Link. You will know when you are on our associates page because it will have the amazon associates link bar. Every order placed through our associates page we will receive a small percentage of the order for advertising Amazon on our blog. I would also like to thank everyone for their kind words and support since we have set out on our new journey.

RVing in the Winter Day 2

Water is still frozen and fresh water tank is now empty. Tank is empty because kitchen facet was still working. We are going to wait to fill it until weather warms up a little. Friday forecast is showing above freezing temps. It is currently snowing and the temp is 1 degree with feels like temp at -10. IMG_2056We will need to go and get one of our LP tanks filled today and I am hoping second tanks has enough gas to last why we get other tank filled. I had to youtube is see how our LP system worked I didn’t understand the automatic switchover valve. Our 5th wheel is equipped with two 30 pound LP tanks. They are connected to a automatic switchover valve so when one tank goes empty it will automatically switchover to the other tank. There is plastic bubble with a green or red color in the bubble to let you know when the primary tank is empty. You can tell which tank is the primary by the direction the automatic switch lever is pointing. When switching out the tanks you turn the switch to the tank that still has gas and then disconnect the empty one. Sounds pretty simple but I didn’t know to switch the valve over when disconnecting the empty tank until watching a youtube video on how the automatic switchover works.