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Day 2: Wet stuff weighs more than dry stuff!

We spent last evening huddled in our tent watching movies on the iPad listening to the rain that started right after dinner time and continued until we fell asleep.  We woke up this morning listening to the rain that had started right after dinner time last night and continued until we got off our bikes at 4PM today.  Needless to say, our trip from Crystal Lake RV Park to the Ocean’s Landing Resort in Cocoa Beach was a wet one!

It took us a longer than we would have liked to clean up our camp site and prepare for Day 2’s ride, which was sure to be a challenge.  Once we finally surrendered to the fact that ALL of us and ALL of our stuff is going to be wet when we reach our destination, we were able to jump in, smash our already wet tent into our bags with our already wet clothes and get moving.  Since cooking oatmeal in the rain wasn’t going to work with our little induction heater, we settled for some bread we’d bought at a roadside stand and some coffee at the gas station where we bought our “healthy dinner” the evening before.  We waited a bit to see if it would let up a little and it did.  But only for the time it took us to get on our bikes and peddle about 100 feet.IMG_1658.JPG
We learned a couple things as we peddled along the busy highway with rain dripping off our eyelashes and noses (which made sight more of a luxury) #1- When packing a few things for a 3 week bike trip, maybe throw it in the sink and soak it so you can see just exactly how heavy all of your wet clothes, tent, and shoes are going to be.  Then remove about half of that and leave it at home.  #2- Cars and trucks don’t care that when they go flying by you 15 miles above the speed limit and hit a puddle, that you’re not only going to get wetter but you’ll suffer temporary blindness which is a little scary.  #3- Continuous rain is great motivation for pushing those pedals a little harder in order to get out of the rain sooner.

Aside from the rain, it was a pretty good day.  Both of us felt pretty good in the saddle (actually better than yesterday with better weather) We got a nice surprise when we got to our pretty cheap but VERY nice hotel room on the beach.  The sun came out for a bit so we were able to swim in the ocean which was so warm.  We decided to take advantage of the situation and take a rest day tomorrow so we can let our tent air dry and do some laundry. Both of us decided that a rainy day at the beach beats a nice warm day in the corn field.IMG_1659.JPG



Day 1 of Florida Bike Trip

Picked up bikes from Bob’s Bike Shop in Port Orange, Fl after taking taxi from our hotel in Daytona Beach. The people at Bob’s were very nice and did a great job getting our bike’s put back together for us. We started riding down Hwy. US 1 for the next 29 miles to our camping spot for the night (Crystal Lake RV Park). All and all the ride was not to bad the scenery was a little blah.

US 1

Tomorrow we will be getting on A1A (Atlantic Ave) so there should be more to see and we will be closer to the ocean. Tomorrow will be about a 41 mile ride to Cocoa Beach. The camp site is very nice and the tent area is a little spot in the middle of a bunch of pine trees. Hoping this makes the ground softer. There is not a lot of stuff around this area luckily there is a gas station with a little restaurant  down the street. 20140919_161522


Florida Bike Trip Details

Ok it is getting close now. We fly out in just a few days. We will be flying in to Orlando/Sanford airport. We will be taking a shuttle (DoShuttle) to Daytona Beach where we will stay our first night in a hotel before we start biking down Florida’s A1A. We had our bikes shipped (FedEx Ground Business to Business) from our local bike shop Thiel Bicycle Company to Bob’s Bike Shop in Daytona Beach. We will pick our bikes up from Bob’s and start our ride from there. We have our trip planned out to take around 3 weeks. Total trip should be around 500 miles Daytona Beach to Key West. Daily rides will be between 30-40 miles with every 4th day as a rest day ( we are not in a hurry). Trip will consist of staying in hotels and public camp grounds (we have a small 2 person tent). Once we get to Key West we are hoping to stay a few day and then take a ferry from Key West to Fort Myers Beach. This is about a 3hr ferry ride. We will be flying home from Fort Myers and then it’s on to the next adventure. I will be updating as the trip gets underway.