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Day 4: Sunny Florida not so Sunny

And on Day 3 we rested. We left our hotel in Cocoa Beach this morning and started riding around 8am. It was already warm and very humid. Our destination for the day was Sebastian Inlet State Park about a 36 mile ride were we would setup camp for the night. The ride was pretty good once we got pass Melbourne we actually rode on a bike path. At least I think it was a bike path or a really wide side walk. Either way it was nice. We met a young guy riding his bike to the Key’s also but he started riding from Pennsylvania. He was riding alone and put a lot more miles in a day then we are. It was very cool to meet him and super awesome the ride he has doing. Sebastian Inlet is a pretty good sized park. The inlet is where the Indian river meets the Atlantic ocean. Park is very nice, there is a small gift shop and the only place to get something to eat for miles, which sucks when you just rode 36 miles. We crossed the bridge to get to our campsite (which by the way there is no bike path on bridge but very little traffic).

Once we found our site we were a little disappointed in the fact that the site is for rv/tent but 90% of site was gravel.Not even enough glass for our tent. After about 10 min of trying to figure out where we are going to setup our tent it started to rain. So we waited it out up by the rest rooms under the awning. Rain stops and sun returns. Then about 20 mins later the rain starts again this time it is rain hard. So once again we go hang out under the rest rooms awning. We look at weather radar and it is going to keep on raining. We wait for about 30 min and it lets up a little and we decide to ride another 15 miles and stay in a hotel.[KGVID width=”640″ height=”480″][/KGVID]

We finally arrived at the Surf Club Hotel just north of Vero Beach. Lets hope for dry weather tomorrow. I will be adding photos to the gallery as we travel south.


  1. Brooke's Gravatar Brooke
    September 23, 2014    

    Oh wow! Hope you guys get some sunshine soon!

    • September 23, 2014    

      Sun does come out in between rain showers.

  2. Linda Squiers's Gravatar Linda Squiers
    September 23, 2014    

    Glad to hear you are dry AGAIN. The rain is getting to be a habit there……

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