Not all who wander are lost.

Day 5: Are ya kidding me??

We decided to make today a short riding day after our unplanned 52 mile ride from yesterday.  Since rain and storms are in the forecast pretty much every day until at least Oct 2nd, we thought we would just go ahead and reserve a hotel instead of trying to camp.  We left late morning so it was already pretty hot and humid after about 10 miles. Just as I was beginning to get a little cranky in the heat, the sky started getting that familiar dark gray color and the next thing we know we are peddling in the pouring rain…AGAIN.  This time we also got to deal with some thunder, a little lightning, and an old friend from Iowa that we did not miss..WIND! We were pretty happy that we were able to be on a path off of the road the majority of the time because I gotta say these are some of the worst drivers we’ve encountered so far.  Add that to the weather and its a bit frustrating to say the least.

Extended Forcast

Our favorite possessions are quickly becoming the small garbage bags that we snagged from our hotel room in Cocoa Beach.  We stuff all of our clothes, tent, and sleeping gear in them and once we get our rain protectors on our bags, everything has stayed pretty dry except us.  This has saved us a lot of time and effort trying to get everything dry when we get to our hotel.  Now, all we need to do is hang our rain coats, bag covers, and clothes we were wearing.  Jason spoke to a man in a convenience store today and he said this was the rainiest he can ever remember and he was not a youngster so that says a lot.  Its getting a little difficult to maintain a positive attitude about this weather!  Its causing us to stay in hotels more than we planned so we are hoping that it won’t put us way over budget, or cause us to have to come home earlier than planned or both!

We ended up at The Royal Inn Beach Hotel- Hutchinson Island.  This is an older place just across the street from the beach.  Hutchinson Island is right along another Indian River inlet and seems to be more of a little fishing town.  The inlets are sights that are difficult to describe.  You can see the river flowing one direction into the ocean and then right next to it, the ocean is moving the opposite direction toward the shore. Right where the river hits the ocean, the waves swirl around in all different directions. It’s a beautiful sort of quiet chaos that is nothing short of awesome.

I immediately liked it here and started picturing myself living in one of the many little pink or peach stucco houses we biked past.  It seems to have a pretty laid back atmosphere and not too touristy (although we are here in the off-season so I have no idea how busy it gets)  Maybe while we are wandering around on the roads we’ll come back here for a while.  We wandered down to check out the ocean and there were quite a few people fishing right off the beach.  It’s strange how the same ocean can have so many different characteristics depending on the shore land it crashes upon.  We could see all of these huge fish jumping and flopping around close to shore so we asked someone if that is what he was fishing for and he explained that they were either Snook or Tarpon.  He was hoping for a Snook because you can’t eat Tarpon.  As we watched him he was able to snag one and it took him quite awhile to reel him in.  He finally landed it and we walked over to see his 30″ catch.  You could tell by the smile on his face that he was going to have a nice dinner tonight!



  1. Jason's Gravatar Jason
    September 23, 2014    

    Rain or sunshine it is still warmer here than back home and the ocean is still awesome even under a cloudy sky.

    • Jenny's Gravatar Jenny
      September 23, 2014    

      That is SO true!

  2. Linda Squiers's Gravatar Linda Squiers
    September 23, 2014    

    Wow, that was some ride you had yesterday. I don’t blame you for cutting today shorter… need to enjoy your surroundings some. That beach fishing is something a whole lot different then throwing a line in the lake. Dad has tried it. That off a pier. I think he like the pier fishing better. Were you able to swim in the ocean again? As you know I am following your progress on the map. You appear to be almost 1/2 way down the coast of Florida. I would say that is pretty good for 5 days. What do you guys think? I am sure you see some idyllic places along the way but remember you are not there in the hot summer(and like you said, not during tourist season). Hang in there. Hope the weather improves A LOT!

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