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Day 7: Key Largo (Great Day of Riding)

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best.”

Ernest Hemingway

We dropped our car rental off this morning and hopped on the M bike path that runs adjacent to the bus only road (Busway). Path goes all the way through Homestead and Florida City where is ends and connects with US 1. From here we decided to take Card Sound Rd instead of staying on US 1. From what we have read is has way less traffic. I will say traffic was not bad but one thing to note is there is no shoulder at all. It also will add about an extra 5 miles to your ride. It was a great day to ride sun was out with a few clouds and best of all NO RAIN. Also should mention that before we left this morning since we decided not to camp because of all the rain we shipped about 30 lbs. of our stuff back home. We crossed our first toll on our bikes. When she saw us coming she just smiled and lifted the arm and wave us through. After the toll is a very large bridge with an  amazing view. This bridge did not have a bike lane or shoulder but the traffic was very low. IMG_1731


We finally reached Key Largo around 2pm. We decide to grab some ice cream since we couldn’t check in to our hotel until 3pm. We checked in to the Key West Inn which is right on a canal. Rooms are very nice and price was even better. After checking in we learned Key Largo in not really much of a beach town. It is more know for diving, snorkeling, and fishing. The gal at the front desk said the only place close that had beach access was the John Pennekamp State Park. After getting settled in our room we wandered down the road to eat dinner. We ate at a local place called Mrs Mac’s. Food was good and prices were not bad. Tomorrow will be a short ride to the next town only about 10 miles and then to two days of 30 – 40 mile days before we get to our final destination Key West. We are only 100 miles away.


  1. Brooke's Gravatar Brooke
    September 27, 2014    

    Finally no rain!! Bummer about having to hotel hop, but at least you’re by the ocean the whole time. Miss you guys so much!!

  2. Linda Pearson's Gravatar Linda Pearson
    September 26, 2014    

    Glad you had a good day with some sunshine and no rain. Yeah! Sounds like your ride today was more relaxing too. I am glad that you are done camping. Staying in a hotel sounds safer to me.
    Today I downloaded IOS8 on my devices and within 15 minutes, I heard there were problems with it. Wouldn’t you know, Murphy’s Law went right into effect. Right now, I can’t upload any pictures. So if you haven’t ran the update, don’t.

  3. Linda Squiers's Gravatar Linda Squiers
    September 26, 2014    

    Love the pictures. Glad to hear you are in the Keys. Enjoy your short day tomorrow.

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