Not all who wander are lost.

Day 8 & 9 (Changing Direction 180˚)

Day 8 was a short ride down to Islamorada about 10 miles south of Key Largo. There is a bike path on the east side of US 1 from Key Largo that goes all the way to Islamorada. Once we got to Islamorada we where both a little disappointed not much to see or do. As we sat in our hotel room we decide that the Key’s or southern Florida was not what we were expecting. There is not much of a view of the ocean if any, there is no access to the ocean unless you find a state park and when you do find a beach there are no waves. If your into fishing, snorkeling, or diving you would love the Key’s.IMG_1750

The nice thing about traveling with no real plans but the ones you make on the way can be changed at any time. So after talking we decide we are going back to the placed we enjoyed being at.

Day 9 we rode back to Key Largo rented a car (Mini Cooper Countryman) and drove back to Melbourne Beach. We are staying in the same hotel that we brought the kids six years ago. Our journey has been about enjoying life and seeing Florida from our bikes. Life is good. IMG_1751


  1. Linda Squiers's Gravatar Linda Squiers
    September 28, 2014    

    You are getting around. Vagabonds that you. How long will you be in Melbourne.

    • Jenny Dalgliesh's Gravatar Jenny Dalgliesh
      September 28, 2014    

      3 days. Then we’ll rent another car and start driving home Tuesday and will probably stop a couple nights. We aren’t in a hurry and I’m sure the kids aren’t in a hurry for us to get home either.II’m sure they are enjoying playing house.

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