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First Time 5th Wheelers

This weekend we picked up our new 5th wheel. It is a 2002 Keystone Montana. I have to admit I was a little nervous. I have never pulled a 5th wheel or a trailer this big (32ft.). The RV was up at Twin Lakes just north of Rockwell City, IA.We spent Friday night in it and figured out how everything worked. First thing was the furnace. Temps that night got down to upper 30’s (to cold for early Sept.). I figured the furnace would have a pilot light just like the one in my house but finally found out it does not. Everything is electric including the hot water. This is very nice, turn on LP and adjust thermostat and that’s it. Next morning was the start of several new experiences: closing up the RV and getting it ready for travel, connect RV to truck, pulling RV, and dumping tanks (not as bad as I thought but don’t forget rubber cloves). Connecting RV to truck was pretty easy. I did watch several videos on YouTube, which helped a lot. Finally we were off on the road pulling this big RV. When we first started I was having a slight panic attack, but after about 10-15 minutes it was not too bad. The truck pulled well! It was a bit bouncy but I think this was just a rough road. We pulled it about 30-40 miles and dropped it off at Webster City RV to get serviced and will be picking it backup in Oct when we will be heading west.

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  1. Linda Pearson's Gravatar Linda Pearson
    September 15, 2014    

    I’m not sure which sounds scarier, pulling a 32 foot mobile home or riding bikes 500 miles. I trust that you both know what you are doing though and are well prepared for this big adventure. I will be praying for a safe journey for you filled with fun and interesting sights and people to meet. I love you guys and I will be following your blog. Be careful out there!

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