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GMC ABS sensor

Took our truck in to the GMC dealer today to have the brakes checked out. I had noticed that when applying the brakes at speeds between 5-10mph I could feel the ABS kick on. After combing the internet I had found that there is an ABS sensor in the wheel hub which is also call the wheel speed sensor and I guess they are known for going bad. You can purchase just the sensor for around $50. Which I didn’t think seem to bad. The GMC dealer called and confirmed what I had thought but also informed me that the entire wheel hub assembly needed to replaced and they won’t replace just sensor itself. I have read forums about pros and cons of replacing just the sensor and replacing the entire hub assembly. The dealers quote was around $750 per side. This seems very high. Monday I will call around to see if I can get a few more quotes. Hoping for a better price. If anyone else has had this problem I would love to know what you did. Did you replace just the sensor or replace the entire wheel hub and what was the cost?


  1. Linda Squiers's Gravatar Linda Squiers
    November 15, 2014    

    When it snows, it really snows, huh Jason?

    • November 15, 2014    

      It has seemed like it lately.

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