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Just a quick update

We have finally thawed out:) We now have flowing water once again and was able to get ┬áthe tanks drained. Not only is that good news but there doesn’t seem to be any damage to anything due to the pipes freezing. The weather forecast is looking good with┬átemperatures in the lower to mid 40’s for at least the next 8 days. We are planning on moving south after the Thanksgiving feast with the kids.

Status on our truck: We found an auto repair shop in Fort Collins that would charge us for labor only and we could purchase new part. So we purchased the new wheel hub assembly from NAPA and dropped the truck off yesterday and it should be done today. After reading all the forums and even talking to the repair shop we decide it would be better to replace the whole hub assembly rather than just the abs sensor itself. With the price of the new part and the cost of the labor from Campus Repair, it is over 100% cheaper than having the GMC dealer do the work. A 100%! That just seems crazy to me that the dealer is that much higher. So total cost for part and labor should be somewhere around $315.

Tomorrow we are going to be leaving Boyd Lake State Park and moving to Horsetooth Reservoir Campgrounds. We will stay there until we head south for the rest of the cold months.

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