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RVing in the Winter Day 2

Water is still frozen and fresh water tank is now empty. Tank is empty because kitchen facet was still working. We are going to wait to fill it until weather warms up a little. Friday forecast is showing above freezing temps. It is currently snowing and the temp is 1 degree with feels like temp at -10. IMG_2056We will need to go and get one of our LP tanks filled today and I am hoping second tanks has enough gas to last why we get other tank filled. I had to youtube is see how our LP system worked I didn’t understand the automatic switchover valve. Our 5th wheel is equipped with two 30 pound LP tanks. They are connected to a automatic switchover valve so when one tank goes empty it will automatically switchover to the other tank. There is plastic bubble with a green or red color in the bubble to let you know when the primary tank is empty. You can tell which tank is the primary by the direction the automatic switch lever is pointing. When switching out the tanks you turn the switch to the tank that still has gas and then disconnect the empty one. Sounds pretty simple but I didn’t know to switch the valve over when disconnecting the empty tank until watching a youtube video on how the automatic switchover works.

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