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The Garage Sale

Plan A of our preparation was to start clearing out the house which obviously meant one thing: garage sale.  If you’ve never had one of these, they are a LOT of work!  We spent the majority of the week in the garage cleaning, tagging, displaying, and getting everything out for sale.  Trying to decide what part of our life to keep, toss, donate, and sell was a bit overwhelming.  Its one thing to get rid of the stuff we didn’t need anymore, its an entirely different feeling trying to get rid of almost ALL of it.  “What am I supposed to do with Brooke’s Brownie vest with all the little patches and pins?” or “I can’t throw away Sams little baseball glove” went through our minds constantly.  We had to keep reminding ourselves that all of this stuff didn’t fit into our new lifestyle any more, it all must go!  They were just things and not having that old glove certainly didn’t alter the memories associated with it.   We chose to have the sale Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  After rushing around Friday to place signs, we got back about 20 min before it was time to open the doors.  We already had a line of cars waiting for us and yelling “Can we come in yet?” out of their car windows. We were not ready at ALL but let them come in anyway.     These Ames garage salers are some savvy shoppers!  One of our first sales was a gentleman who wanted to pay $20 for the extension ladder that had a whopping price tag of $30 on it.  His entire plan of attack was to simply add another “Please” at the end of each offer.  We couldn’t take it anymore so Jason caved and after about 17 “Please’s” the man got a $20 ladder!  It was interesting watching people go through our stuff.  Someone would come in and grab something and pay full price and be completely happy with that little part of our lives.  Another would walk in and grab something and offer a little less than what was tagged which maybe meant “I like this part of your life, but just not very much.”  Or the other one that would walk in and walk right out as if to say “I don’t really like any part of your lives at all”  Obviously that is probably not what people are indirectly saying, but it was a little hard to not put a personal spin on things as people are sifting though and grabbing or tossing your stuff aside.  Overall though, the weather was beautiful and the people were a lot of fun!  We had a steady stream of people both days and did quite well so it was a success.  We were able to put the proceeds of the sale towards the purchase of the big huge truck we needed to pull the camper.  Most of our stuff found new homes and will get to become a part of another person’s life and we kind of liked that idea.


  1. Lisa Vos's Gravatar Lisa Vos
    September 17, 2014    

    Dang it. I read through all of these now and I did get teary eyed. How awesome is it that you are doing something you really want to do!! And you are able to do it. I can’t remember a time all my sisters weren’t close by each other. Don’t forget to wander back this way every so often… Or invite me to visit when you have wandered somewhere extra fun that I can drive to :-).

    • Jenny Dalgliesh's Gravatar Jenny Dalgliesh
      September 19, 2014    

      We will definitely be wandering back that way. Our family is there AND 2 of our kids are there 🙂 And you can come wherever we are whenever you want!

  2. Brooke Dalgliesh's Gravatar Brooke Dalgliesh
    September 16, 2014    

    This post makes me really excited for you guys! Can’t wait for you to start your new journey! This post also makes me really miss my Mom and Dad love you guys!

    • Jenny's Gravatar Jenny
      September 16, 2014    

      We’re heading your way first! Just talk your sister and brothers into getting a bunch of campers and we’ll caravan around the country! We’ll call it the Big Loooooonnnngg Dalgliesh Family Road Trip!

  3. Linda Squiers's Gravatar Linda Squiers
    September 15, 2014    

    My gosh Jenny ! This made me teary eyed! As did your “about us”.

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