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We’re Getting There!



Even though we’ve been preparing and planning this for what has seemed like forever,  its still tough to get my mind around all of this!  At this very time next week we’ll be waking up in a 5th wheel somewhere in Colorado.  Hopefully, it’s not snowing yet!

We spent part of Saturday helping Sadie get moved into her new place.  Every time she put something in the truck I wanted to take it out and pack it with the Colorado stuff and beg her to come with us. I had to keep telling myself that as much as I try to fight it, she is quickly becoming a grown woman capable of making her own decisions and taking care of herself.  Choosing to stay behind while the rest of her family moves could not have been an easy decision for her so I’m really trying to respect her decision.  We are comforted in knowing that she has lots of family here to help her if she needs it.  She also knows that all she has to do is say the word and we will find a spot for her whenever she’s ready.  No matter how many times I say these things to myself, its still going to be heart wrenching to leave her and its the one thing about this that I’m not looking forward to.

The rest of this week will involve getting the house completely empty and we’re getting there.  This weekend we found ourselves sleeping on a mattress on the floor, Sam no longer has a couch to sit on and play video games in the basement, and after today we won’t have a table to eat at.  As we watched Sadie, Sam, Heather, Reid, and AJ lug all of this stuff out of the house we were reminded of the many MANY times we had done this ourselves and were relieved that this time we get to leave the heavy lifting to the kids.  The nice thing about the 5th wheel is that it’s already furnished.  All we need to do is grab our clothes, dishes, and various other little things and we are set.  I still get to keep my spinning wheel, almost all of my fiber, and all that goes with it so that’s a huge plus!  So each day the house gets a little more empty and the camper a little more weighed down.  We are so thankful that Cindy and Jeff allowed us to store the 5th wheel in their driveway for a couple weeks.  Having it just a few blocks away has made it much easier to pack and get things ready throughout the last week.

We still have those little loose ends to tie up such as cancelling utilities and taking care of our change of address.  It’s crazy how many times you have to do that these days!  It used to be you filled out a little card at the post office and informed a few other people and you were done.  Now, its the USPS, the bank, Ebay, Paypal, Amazon, previous employers (in my case), iTunes,  Etsy, etc etc etc.  It’s endless!  Each day I think of one more place that we’ll need to go in and change our profiles.  Thank god we no longer have credit cards as that would have added even more to the mix!  Luckily, its all done over the internet these days.  Maybe we need to rethink our shopping habits?

Our plan is to leave Saturday early afternoon, drive about half way and then spend the night somewhere in Nebraska. Our temporary destination is Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland, CO.  With the price of renting a moving truck at over $500 (WITHOUT gas) we decided that we won’t be carrying any furniture out for Sam and Brooke as originally planned.  We decided that we can pick up a bed for Sam and a used couch for their place when we get there and still not hit the $500+ that we would have spent on a truck.  We’ll be using the camper as a moving truck for the rest of their stuff so we need to get there in time to get it set up and unload all of their stuff to take to Brooke’s before it gets dark.  The state and county parks only allow campers to stay a maximum of 14 consecutive days, then wait 16 days before returning to a park within their system.  We’re planning to stay through the holidays before heading to southern Texas for the rest of the winter so that means our first order of business will be to find somewhere that is open that will allow long term camping because we would prefer to not have to move every 14 days.  We’ve looked at a few privately owned places online so we’re hoping to drive around a bit and find somewhere we like when we get there.

Still lots to do, but we are in the homestretch now.  I’m sure emotions will be pretty close to the surface the rest of this week and we’re probably in for some interesting situations including our first long drive with the 5th wheel, but we are certain it will all be worth it.  We are looking forward to soon be done paying the house payment, utilities (which is our least favorite at over $400/month), property taxes, Mediacom (who just raised our internet prices by almost double!!!), and all of the other little bills that we pay each month to keep up the house.  We are ready for a hopefully more simple and fulfilling way of life.  We’re not sure what we’re going to run into or if we’ll even like it, but we’re about to find out.


  1. October 21, 2014    

    We may not be far enough for you. . We are about 6 hours from Ames. Either way. .. even if you just want to stop for lunch/dinner let us know! 🙂

  2. October 21, 2014    

    Thanks! I’ll let Jason know we can sleep in your driveway in Kearney 😉

  3. October 20, 2014    

    You know you have a driveway/place to stay half way through Nebraska! 🙂 Don’t hesitate to call!

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